Content Optimization

Content Optimization: How to Optimize Content for SEO

Over time, several advances have come into search engine optimization, but the importance of SEO content optimization. Content and SEO work together, and people look for the search engines to determine the relevant content and find them. Unfortunately, the deep relationship between content and SEO is not easy to understand as a person has to go through tons of guides.

Some businesses are unaware of good content and SEO, so they prefer hiring a content writing agency. If you are looking for an agency, you must consider the content beast. This agency is excellent for improving SEO and getting organic traffic towards the web pages. So, what is SEO content writing? Is there any benefit? If yes, then how could you improve that?

In this article, you will find all the factors to optimize content for SEO. Make sure to read the article thoroughly.

Content Optimization Tips

Here are a few tips for best content optimization:

On-page content optimization

No one can deny the importance of SEO and good content. Without any of these factors, you can’t accomplish your webpages goals. If the quality of your content is lacking and deprived of keywords, then your article will go missing in thousands of articles. Will you want that? Absolutely, no! So, it is essential to write SEO-friendly content that people enjoy reading. Always learn the best practices to write great content and SEO.

Focus on keywords

Most SEO guides tell you to use the keywords in your blog post. In the SEO strategy, keywords are the essential and common factor. However, you need to be careful when using keywords. While incorporating the keywords, you should avoid stuffing them. When you stuff the blog post with tons of keywords, Google considers it spam. Therefore, keep using keywords within a specific limit. In this way, you can reach your target audience.

Use proper headings

In optimization, headings play a significant role. Good header tags and HTML tags range from H1 to H6 and create an outline and add structure to a blog post. If your article is lengthy, you can break it into proportions using appropriate headings. On each page, you can include the H1 tags. However, you should use one H1 tag as multiple H1 tags can confuse the search engines.

Optimize the lengthy posts

You must know that Google prefers lengthy articles. The reason is that long articles provide essential information to readers, and google praises that. A study showed that the average length of the first-page result on google is 2000 words. Although lengthy posts can bore the reader, you can use interesting facts to engage the reader. Always consider using bullet points, subheadings, and lists to prevent the reader from getting bored.

Acquire location-specific phrases

Most people perform online searches to determine the local business. Most people search on mobile devices, so you need to make the content accordingly. If you own a local company, you need to include the geo-specific terms in the keyword phrases. You can prefer using location-specific keyword phrases within H1 tags and titles. After that, you will see SEO improvement.

Link optimization

Quality links are the secret of a healthy SEO strategy. It helps Google and search engines to determine the relevant websites and get better search results. The process of improving the search engine ranking requires quality links. With the help of a solid link profile, you can get better results. However, you need to understand the good and bad links. Also, you have to know about optimization and how it can help you get better results.

Link Building: The Basics

Google developed the PageRank algorithm to rank the website in the search engine results. Furthermore, the number and quality links to a page determine the importance of a website. Any link attaches to both website provide the PageRank boost. However, the outbound, inbound and internal links are a good connection between SEO and links. But, the whole concept is confusing to understand.

Think like a customer

When optimizing content for SEO, you have to think like a reader. As a reader, you will want to get more specific results and concise information regarding a product. For instance, you will look for repair tips, pricing information, and repair timings from a particular brand. All of these customers use specific keywords to search for their required brands. You can build your content to dominate the overall topic through topical optimization. Apart from focusing on a single competitive keyword, create natural content for the customers.

If you want more tips on SEO content, read our blog posts!

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How to Write SEO Optimized Content?

How to Write SEO Optimized Content? A Comprehensive Guide

Wondering about how to write SEO optimized content? Becoming an SEO expert is not an easy task as you have to understand the working of search engine optimization. The search engine optimization trend is increasing rapidly and makes businesses acquire several techniques to rank their blog post on google. The SEO experts must know about the content structure and deep concepts of SEO that can help them write their content.

If you are looking for the best content writing agency for your business, you can visit the content beast. The agency is trained to provide the best services through writing high-quality articles and ranking them on search engines. Over the internet, several content writing examples are present that allow the person to understand SEO content writing. Furthermore, various SEO content writing tips can help the person learn SEO.

How to Write SEO Optimized Content?

Here are a few things that you should consider before writing SEO optimized content.

SEO strategy 

All the SEO experts understand the SEO strategy before starting a plan. The SEO strategy must focus on the user’s voice, and an expert must focus on the terminologies while searching for the various terms. Your SEO strategy should focus on finding exciting topics that can speak about the topic itself. Here is some tool that can help the person implement the SEO strategy to understand the user’s voice and become an SEO expert.

Use Keyword Planner

This tool is considered the primary focus of the SEO strategy, and you need an account to gain access to that account. After creating the account on AdWords, you have to click on the tools and analysis tab and the keyword planner menu.

After gaining access to the search volume tool, you can enter the various keyword ideas and topics you wish to write about. All the SEO experts spend time and effort to understand the user voice and structure in the best possible way to target the audience. Excess primary keywords target a large audience and allow structure phrases by creating long-tail keywords.

Follow Google trends

Adopting a good SEO strategy is beneficial for writing the plan about keywords and their historical trends. In this aspect, google trends allow the user to look for the keyword trends over the geographies and time. Content writers can write in-depth and valuable articles using this tool by adding appropriate keywords. Some people flood the content with excess keywords, so it is always better to write naturally by adding one or two keywords into the blog post.

Google autocomplete

When you use the google auto-complete feature, it allows the person to search the popular terms associated with the specific keywords. It is an essential tool to find the new relevant keywords linked with the content. An SEO expert prefers using safari or Firefox to know about the recommendations and suggestions.

After determining the keywords, you have to define the specific topics you want to write about and how your case can translate into a high search audience. After learning all these things, you become ready to implement and write the content. As an SEO expert, you have to understand the structured writing format in HTML.

SEO experts structure their content for SEO value

By following the above steps, you become ready to start SEO writing. However, you must understand the values and where it lies in your blog post to get the most of them. When you place your keywords in specific places, the search engines assign specific URLs for these keywords. When writing about the focused topic, you have to be careful as it is the heart of the content, and you must repeat it frequently. Try using the keywords on top of the paragraphs and articles.

Importance of keywords in URL and title tags

As an SEO expert, you have to value the title tags. The accurate design of web applications for SEO allows your title tag to be included in the page URL. In addition, URL is the critical factor that holds the SEO value. All SEO experts try using the highest keyword value to get the best place. When writing the article, keep the keywords in your mind and place them as far as possible. The keyword in the number one spot has more value than the second one.

Meta description

The meta description of the URL is the first thing that you will be going to write. It is considered the most focused area of the blog post that holds all the essential value of the article. Ideally, it is of one-three sentences and provides the in-depth meaning of the article. We hope that you have got the idea of how to write SEO optimized content. But, if you have enough time, get in touch with a well-reputed writing agency.

Why Hire Writers From The Content Beast?

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who should optimize content

Who should optimize content: SEOs or content writers?

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO and content writing goes hand in hand. However, there is a little difference. It isn’t easy to choose between the SEO expert and content writer as they have various roles. Writers can’t publish their content without SEO as their web page will be lost in the 50 search engine pages. So, who should optimize content?

Content writing and SEO work together. Content beast provides content writing services and allows organizations to build good relations with clients. The increased competition in the search engines has made it challenging to rank the web pages independently. In this case, hiring a content writing agency seems like a good approach.

Who should optimize content: SEOs or content writers?

Who should optimize content: SEOs or content writers?

Technical vs. Creative

SEO is the common way to rank your blog post into the search engines. Many companies perform little SEO as they are unaware of the power of SEO. The majority of SEO experts spend their time fixing and analyzing the problems. Even the built-in WordPress has several structural problems attached to it. However, it has little effect on the actual content of the page.

The majority of content has trouble gaining enough traffic from the search engines, so fixing the architectural issues of websites allows the content to rank in search results. Great content needs to be valued and optimized. Choosing both SEO and content writing is a hectic task, as you have to decide about investing your quality time.

In this case, the best approach is to hire the content beast and leave the rest of your problem on them. They can tackle the technical side of SEO and be creative simultaneously.

The role of SEO in content writing

There is nothing wrong with saying that SEO experts are not creative. Although they like implementing the solutions to technical problems, they are not creative as content writers. SEO experts on the technical skills to insert the keywords into the content and rank it on google webpages.

In the content part of the optimization process, the SEO expert must know about changing keywords and selecting them efficiently. The copywriters are not required to research and find relevant keywords associated with the topic.

However, they are responsible for selecting the keywords used for content. An SEO expert provides various keywords to the content writers and incorporates them within the blog post. Since SEO handles the keywords, the copywriter is responsible for editing, rewriting, tweaking, and adjusting the content. 

 The role of the writer in SEO

Compared to an SEO expert, content writers need to know about SEO. Knowing the search engine conditions, a content writer has to embed the relevant keywords into the blog post. Furthermore, they must know what they are writing and use the keywords.

Some content writers have the basic knowledge of adding keywords, and they stuff the article with a lot of keywords that make the overall article look awful.

A writer should focus on fulfilling the needs of the organization through using the keywords at the specific positions. Without knowing the, SEO causes real harm to the writers as it may offend the company, and they have to rewrite it again.

For this purpose, you should save your time and learn about in-depth SEO to fulfill the needs of search engines. Sometimes, the SEO experts are humble enough to send the suggestions and ask the writers to make necessary corrections.

 Content writers and SEO experts

Ideally, it is considered a good choice for the SEO expert to have appropriate knowledge about content writing. However, this happens in rare cases as few people are both technical and creative at the same time. The main recommendations to SEO experts are to become more creative and create content wisely.

However, content writers should learn technical skills and implement keywords into the blog post. It is a difficult option to choose from SEO experts and content writers. No one could impose the SEO to become a writer and content writer to become SEO experts. They both have overlapping roles, and they must work together to accomplish the company goals.

Combining technical and creative skills allows the organization to gain more traffic and provide information to the target audience. As a result, it increases market sales and allows the organization to succeed.

In case you are looking for a best and SEO optimized content, you can contact the us anytime. Our writers have enough knowledge and experience to write the content for your company. Get in touch with us now to get high-quality content at the most reasonable cost.

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keyword research

The lazy guide to 30 minutes’ keyword research

If you think you can perform any keyword research to rank your stuff, you might be thinking wrong. Nowadays, the world of SEO has become vast as people are trying to adopt various means to perform keyword research. Many people think that keyword searching requires several hours to do extensive research. However, 30 minutes of walkthrough determining the keyword insights can connect you with the audience. The lazy guide of 30 minutes of keyword researching can only benefit the people who know all about SEO content writing.

People having no previous knowledge of SEO can stand out of the race. If you want to optimize your SEO, you can visit content beast. It is the content writing agency that can help you rank your article on search engines. Traffic, isn’t it?

Here is the 30 minutes’ guide to lazy people for keyword researching.

Keyword Research for SEO: The Beginner's Guide [2022]

Determine the top industry website

This step has to determine the common navigation item and leading industry sites. It requires 3 minutes to do the research. When finding the top websites, you can use the advanced Google operators to look into things deeply.

Google suggests

When you enter specific things to Google, you get other suggestions. For instance, when writing the ‘library,’ don’t click on the first option. Besides, allow Google to make suggestions for you. These recommendations usually enable the person to determine the keywords. In this way, you can get all the famous and trending options in the search bar. After that, you have to choose the site that gets more searches. The two essential keyword searching tools are the keyword planner and keyword explorer. These tools allow the person to determine the monthly search volume.

Google keyword planning

When opening the keyword planning tool, you have to paste your saved keywords list. After that, you have to enter it for more ideas. In step 2, you have to evaluate the saved search volume data keeping the data within the limit. Sometimes, Google changes your keywords sequence. For this purpose, you have to keep your mind active. In this way, you can determine the exact keyword and category name.

Furthermore, it would help to search the keywords below the immediate keyword search section. Make sure to sort it into the average monthly high to low searches. Therefore, it ensures that you are not missing anything significant.

Moz keyword explorer

You have to create a new list in this tool and paste the keyword into the list. You have to wait for a few minutes as the keyword explore time to generate the data. After data view, sort and evaluate it according to average monthly search volume.

FAQ keyword research

When you answer the most commonly asked questions and searches regarding your product and services, you provide value to your reader. Some tools that can help you in this are:

This tool is fun to look at and easy to use. You can gather all the questions by clicking on the top yellow icon and export to CVS. It will provide you with a Google sheet of the keywords. After that, you need it open the keyword explorer. In the first step, search and apply a filter of display keyword suggestions by questions. It will provide you with a list of questions. After that, you can add the relevant questions to the list. In this case, you can stop worrying about the search volume as the FAQ are typically long tail and have low search volume. In any case, they will be valuable to your site.

Competitive content research

It separates the specific type of content your audience wants to see. If your page is about wedding or event management, you need to add the gallery page. You need to add popular wedding images and event spaces on this page. Maintaining an optimized gallery and embedding images into the on-page content should be your top priority.

Expand your keyword reach

When you expand the page’s topical content, it raises the digital SEO reach. That’s why you need to read the beginner guide to rank your blog post on Google. You can add the extension of download moz bar into chrome. Firstly, you have to enter the primary keyword and click on onto optimize button. After that, you need to click on the on-page content suggestion. Click on the different content integration ideas for your webpage.

In case you are looking for the best writing agency to fulfill all your content needs, then we are here to help. At Content beast, we strive to offer high-quality and SEO-optimized content for clients all around the globe. Whether you are looking for website Copywriting, SEO blogs, articles, ebooks, or anything else, we are happy to help.

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How to Generate Leads with SEO Content Services

How to Generate Leads with SEO Content Services

A good SEO is the best way to rank your website on the search engines. SEO act as a hidden factor that makes the websites rank among the general public. Content beast is the content writing agency that allows businesses and organizations to build a good relationship with their clients. Furthermore, it drives the organic traffic and enables the website to rank. For this purpose, agencies use various tools.

Here are few steps of generating leads with SEO content writing services.

How to Generate Leads with SEO Content Services

Optimize the inner content and homepage

Search for the right keywords

The keywords are the crucial element that again the attention of the search engines and audience. It is always better to use many keywords that have lower search volume rather than one high keyword. When you enter the digital market, a lot of competition is already present, so you must think one step to staying ahead of them.

Keep an eye on competitors

Backlinks are considered as the incoming hyperlinks interlinked from one webpage to another. The best way to boost your leads is to keep an eye on the competitors. You can quickly determine someone who has linked to a competitor site. For this purpose, a backlink checker tool provides the complete overview of the URL backlink profile. However, you can use some other tools for this purpose as well.

Step-by-Step Guide to Generate Leads with Your Content Marketing

Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases specific to the products or brand. Usually, they are 3 to 4 words long. When a customer search for your brand, it becomes clear. The addition of long-tail keywords into the website causes the search engines to point towards you.

Make your website responsive 

Many agencies took good care about website outer appearance and forgot to optimize it. Since optimization is essential than the design, it is better to optimize the website and get some responses from the audience.

Use local SEO strategies

Claim listings

Nowadays, the increased competition has made it difficult for the business to stand alone. For this purpose, online directories can be used to build and market yourself. It is a great way to drive traffic and rank on the search engines. When people search on Google, it brings them to an online directory.

Content optimization through local keyword data 

When opening an online store to sell the products and services, make sure to provide your exact location to the audience. Tell your audience about your specified location and where you are locating at. Both audience and search engines will listen to you. However, you need to be careful about the keyword stuffing as it will look spam. Always use the keywords naturally through matching, mixing, and using the alternative keyword. Another great way for content optimization is to provide high-quality services and seek reviews. More reviews will allow your content to lead.

Build an active blog for optimization

In a blog, everything must be present as it allows the website to nail SEO targets. Regular posting fulfills the needs of fresh content, keywords, backlinks, and social media engagement.

Tips for blog optimization 

Create content consistently

When you post regularly, you get better results. So, the best practice is to post more and get better results.

Publish valuable and easy to read content 

If you are writing an informative and entertaining article, you should adopt SEO strategies to rank your websites. Consequently, writing in poor English with zero engagement will decrease the ranking of your blog post. Search engines don’t support poorly written articles. The wider your content is, the more people will be likely to share it.

Use of proper headings

When you use <H3> or <H2> for your blog post, it helps Google grasp your content quickly. Furthermore, the subheading is excellent help as it allows the readers to skim through the content quickly. It improves the bonus rate and boosts the search rankings.

Use of keywords 

Adding keywords is considered the ideal approach to rank the blog post. Make sure to add the keywords into the headlines and content to avoid the use of keyword stuff. Always keep the tone and keyword natural. 

Add relevant links

Linking your original site to the relevant area allows the webpage to gather more traffic. Google recommends that the organization keep the link in a reasonable number, but no one knows the appropriate number. However, many experts claim to add less them 100 links per page.

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How to Do Keyword Research for SEO

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

Writing a high-quality post is not enough as you need to rank it on google. There is no pointing in writing engaging stuff without gathering the traffic and views. So what can you possibly do? Is there anything you are doing wrong? Understanding these things is important if you want to rank your page on google. Well, you need to start with your research about how to do keyword research for SEO.

If you are having trouble with your blog posts, you can visit content beast. They help your business grow by driving organic traffic and building a strong relationship with the clients. Many beginners make the common mistake of writing articles without adding keywords. Over the internet, several SEO content writing tips are present. But, it is always better to learn about the basics of SEO content writing.

8 free keyword research tools for SEO (that beat their paid alternatives)

Keyword research

When you visit google for anything, you write the keywords, and it shows you the result. In general, keywords are the process of searching and determining the search terms that people use to search. Keyword research is important to target a huge market and to make your content writing go viral. Several SEO content writing services provide various strategies to rank the website on Google. However, visiting content beast can help you in various aspects and rank your website on Google.

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO?

The overall procedure of the keyword process is extensive, but it can help you target the audience. Furthermore, following a strong keyword strategy can help in finding the desired search item.

Step 1: Create a list of relevant and important topics depending on your business

In step 1, you have to think about the top you want to rank. Firstly, you need to develop the 5-10 bucket list of topics and then decide their importance in your business. After deciding the topic, you must specify the keywords. Regular bloggers have to think frequently about the topics and related keywords. Always think like a buyer and determine the people’s needs. Several tools allow the person to determine the number of keywords related to the specific topic. You can use these tools to rank your website or allow the content beast to work for you.

Step 2: Fill the topic with keywords

After determining the topics, you need to focus on the keywords relevant to the topic and fall under the category. These keywords are the important words that target the specific audience and help customers searching for these specific terms. The list of the keywords goes on, and you need to think of the phrases your potential customers search related to the specific topic.

Step 3: determine the use of intent and how it affects the keyword research

The intent is considered as the most important part that can rank your webpage on google. Ideally, your web page must address the problem that searchers are interested in solving rather than the keywords they are using for the search. Several types of keywords are present and have different meanings beneath the surface. However, the intent behind keyword searching is important as it has ranking potential. In this case, you have to be extra careful about interpreting the keywords and target them. To determine the user’s intention, you can write the intent keywords and check the results yourself.

Step 4: Always perform thorough research regarding the search terms

This step is known as the creative step that you might have thought about. However, some people don’t think it that way, so the steps help them. If you are having trouble determining the people’s thoughts regarding the specific keywords, you have to look for the related search terms and plug the keyword into Google. After getting the results, you may notice the suggestions and other recommendations that google shows. These are related to your research item and exhibit the ideas about the keyword. It will help if you consider these keywords serious as they can be of great help.

Step 5: Use the keyword research tool or agency and save your time and effort

Over the internet, you can find tons of SEO research tools that can help you in various ways. However, it will help if you learn the basics to understand the working of these tools. These tools are efficient enough to display the exact matching keywords depending on your ideas. Furthermore, you can hire the agencies like content beast and save your time.

We hope that you got the idea of how to do keyword research for SEO by now. Follow all these strategies to come up with the excellent and high-quality content. Also, if you are looking for the best SEO content writers or copywriters, look no further than THE CONTENT BEAST. We are a team of best content creator and we will make sure to deliver the high-quality content that you are actually looking for.

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How to Hire SEO Content Writers

How to Hire SEO Content Writers?

Wondering about how to hire SEO content writers? Well, if you are running a significant business, you need an extraordinary SEO content writer for your business. Hiring an old content writer with no SEO experience is not worth it. Several organizations spend years of effort and hard work on the website. So hiring a good SEO writer must be the priority. You need someone who can appeal to others through writing engaging content and driving organic traffic.

Hiring copywriters who understand SEO content writing allows the content to reach the right audience. In this aspect, you can consider hiring a content beast to solve the SEO problems. We provide the best content writing services and allow businesses to build relationships with customers. It is a creative content agency that boosts organic traffic and increases the customer retention rate.

How to Hire SEO Content Writers?

Before hiring any SEO content writer for your business, here are a few things that you must look into him.

Understanding of the strategy

Great content writers are trained to spin the boring topic into exciting stories. They know all about the essential strategies that can help the article rank on the search engines. Furthermore, they know the marketing objectives that allow them to use best practices.

Knowledge of SEO

Content writers are categorized into great and good ones. However, knowing SEO distinguishes them from each other. They are trained to perform keyword planning, utilize insight practices, and ensure that your content ranks on the search engines. According to a report, it was estimated that 71.33% of all clicks on the top ten google pages come from organic traffic. That’s the reason why SEO holds an essential place in ranking your article on search engines.


When hiring an SEO content writer, you have to look for great content writers. They have the knowledge to deal with editorial plans, short story angles, and various languages. Furthermore, they acquire different tones related to the audience’s needs.

Research skills

A good content writer always knows to conduct good research. For instance, Content beast understands all about conducting research from reliable data resources and embedding it into the topic data to create an argument. Many people prefer reading an article that is data-based rather than opinion-based.

Competent content writer

The overall process of searching and finding the best content writer requires time and effort. In addition, hiring the best content writer impacts your business as it targets a specific audience. A company should look for a competent writer who knows all about SEO and how to increase sales and traffic by building brand awareness. Several factors allow the companies to find an exceptional content writer who knows all about content creation. Here are a few skills that a content writer must possess:

  • A writer must have an excellent understanding of the on-page SEO techniques and use the keywords in the correct position.
  • They should understand linking the original site and following the internal link strategy to create the overall authority.
  • They know to determine the user’s interests and understand the concepts to keep the reader engaged. Acquiring specific strategies to engage the readers allows them to write well-written content.

A Quick Look on Different Styles of Content Writing - 4 SEO Help

Things to consider when hiring SEO content writers 

The overall process of hiring content writers is not as easy as it may seem. However, you should hire someone who knows the technical SEO skills and avoid the person who promises to provide the link-building services. Content marketing allows the organization to advertise its products in the best possible ways, and a combination of content marketing and SEO strategy is considered the wild game. Never trust someone who promises to offer the shortcuts and risk your company’s reputation. You have to trust someone who can produce high-quality content and increase organic traffic.

Another essential thing to consider while hiring is the needs of industry and content. Some candidates have no work history but know all about SEO and how it can benefit the company. While hiring SEO content writers, the best practice is to ask them to perform the preliminary test depending on the specific criteria and gig.

Taking this step will allow the companies to determine the best match. Furthermore, you will be able to differentiate losers from the winners. So, always take the step wisely as any wrong hiring may create challenges. Before recruiting any team member, make sure to perform thorough research that can help you make a decision.

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We hope that you got an idea of how to hire SEO content writers by now. Keep all the above mentioned things in mind before you hire a writer for your agency or business. Get in touch with us to avail top-notch SEO content writing services.

Blog Content writing Tips

12 Blog Content writing Tips To Rank Higher in Google

If you are a writer, you must know about the struggles and the required time. Also, you should learn blog content writing tips. So, you start from topic selection, gather the important information, and convert it into an engaging form. After that, you need to publish it, which requires a lot of time. In the end, some blog post doesn’t earn the expected traffic that leads towards the major letdown.

So, what’s the purpose of writing when no one will read your content? Fortunately, contentbeast has got all your problems as it provides the best content writing services and allows people to benefit from it. At content beast, we use various SEO tools that improve the ranking of your content writing. Search engine optimization is the common method used by the organization and marketers that allows their web pages to rank on google.

Blog Content writing Tips

So, what is SEO content writing, and how can it benefit you? Here are 12 tips to allow your blog content writing to rank on search engines.

Use of appropriate headings

The headers in the blog post allow the readers and Google to understand the blog post and its section. Many people or crawlers review the blog post by reading the heading numbers. You can create different headings and break them into pieces using different keywords.

Optimize the content for the featured snippet

On google, featured snipped is the best option that provides all the direct answers. When you write anything into the search bar, google uses the snipper to provide answers. To get the snipped feature on google, you have to answer the questions thoroughly.

Write for humans

If you think strategically, you must know that people will search for your blogs, not search engines. It is better to write in easy ways that humans can easily understand. For this purpose, you have to write high-quality content as it improves the rank on google.

Use of keywords in the meta description

The meta description is the essential area that google crawls to create a ranking. Meta descriptions are normally one to three sentences that depict the idea of your SEO content writing. Make sure to keep it short and use two or more keywords.

Alt text to images

When adding an image to the post, you must add alt text. It is the term used to describe what is happening in the picture, and it allows Google to understand the photo in the post. For instance, if the blog is about social media management, you should use alt text like ‘social media managers use various campaigns to successfully launch products.’

Keyword research

According to the estimate, google uses over 70,000 search queries in a second. You can use the keyword searching tools to determine the specific keywords related to your blog posts.

Never do keyword stuff 

Your main goal should be making the page full optimized rather than stuffing it with the keywords. Always find the natural ways where you can insert the keywords. Never try stuffing the keyword, as Google can charge you with penalties.

Link to high authority websites

The person needs to link the website to a reputable website as it can allow them to gather additional traffic. Furthermore, it allows the search engines to determine your research and work.

Create long posts

You must have heard that people like reading the short blog post, but the truth is that Google favors long and in-depth posts. The average length between 2100-2400 words are highly acceptable to google. However, a longer post is difficult to read as readers get bored in the middle. For this purpose, you can break down the posts into interesting little portions.

Link other posts to your website

When you link other pages or blogs post to your site, it allows the search engines to build an accurate sitemap. Furthermore, it allows the audience to discover more about the specific topic and collect accurate information. Always use the natural language for the anchor text and avoid the generic calls action and cheap words.

Compress the images for fast loading speed

When your website has a fast loading speed, you get rewarded by google, improving the user experience. One of the main reasons for stuck pages is heavy images. If you have included several images in the blog post, try to compress it over 100KB.

Design a link building strategy

Undoubtedly, linking building is a crucial element for the search ranking. The linking of another website with your website depicts the trustworthiness in front of google. As a result, it makes the ranking higher.

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Content Writing Tips for Better SEO

7 Important Content Writing Tips for Better SEO

In every business, content writing is the central aspect. The use of effective SEO content grabs the attention of organic visitors. Some writers are expert enough to use the right strategies and market the product in a highly competitive marketplace. While some pro level writers need to learn content writing tips for better SEO results.

If you own a business and looking for some agency to advertise your products, you should consider hiring a content beast. They use the organic method to drive the visitors towards your page. Many agencies are deprived of using standard SEO methodologies, and they end up questioning, ‘how can I start an agency?’ Well, there is no hard and fast rule to start an agency. Although, it requires a lot of time, strength, and effort to create an agency.

Why is it important to write SEO Optimized Content?

Nowadays, the increase in online businesses has enticed agencies to use several strategies for better SEO. Since the increased competition is making it hard for content writers to thrive, for this purpose, it is essential to learn specific elements related to website content, social media content, blog posts, and directory submission articles. That makes it easy for the visitors to find your content and improve the ranking. Here are some practical tips for writing with better SEO.

Content Writing Tips for Better SEO

Here are a few of the important content writing tips to get better SEO results:

Keyphrases in your title 

Titles are the fun part of writing a blog. But, writing a title with a keyword phrase is of high value. While writing, you have to understand the Google algorithm and write accordingly. Google is considered the famous engine, with more than 5 billion searches each day. It emphasizes the high title of the blog and article post. Inserting keywords phrases into titles is an easy and effective way to create content and rank your web pages on search engines. Also, you can try using the list and odd numbers into titles to grab visitors’ attention.

Use of bold keywords in a sentence 

When writing the first sentence of your blog post, make sure to insert a keyword into it. After that, you have to bold the entire keyword phrase. When Google scans your site, it offers extra weight and priority to your words and phrases. Also, Google provides excess weight to italicized words.

Don’t stuff keywords. 

The use of keywords and phrases after every 125 to 150 words is considered adequate. However, keyword stuffing seems poor and provides an awkward impression to readers. It makes your writing unappealing to the reader. Also, when Google identifies the excess use of keywords, it registers your page or article spam that negatively impacts your business.

Make it evergreen content

Evergreen content is quality content that has in-depth knowledge and is relevant. Social SEO improves the website visibility in a search engine by social media. It has become extremely important for content writing. The content should engage the audience and be relevant. Evergreen content never loses its value, and people keep coming back. Also, it increases organic traffic and improves the ranking on search engines.

Target geo-specific key phrases 

Nowadays, the online markets are increasing, so it is essential to stand among the crowd. If your content serves as a non-specific area, you should include the geo-specific critical phrases into your content writing. Mostly, customers prefer the service present near home.

Choose good vocabulary

When writing for your desired topic, you should remain under the provided measures. Some people exaggerate the entire word and create a scene over there. So, you need to realize that you are not writing a novel but selling your services to the customers. Always consider writing simple words and refrain from using complex expressions. Also, you can use the quick action of verbs and short sentences to make your content presentable to the reader. You can add headings over the short paragraphs so that readers will find it easy to determine the product and its use.

Plenty of linkages 

The importance of holding and italicizing words in the above paragraphs is explained. Some of the terms are important from the marketing perspective. Like bold and italic, Google offers extra weight to keywords and keyword phrases with clickable links. You can use hyperlinks to relate the articles and product. Also, you can acquire industry references. Before inserting it, you must know the importance of choosing a place. Moreover, you can include the hyperlink at the beginning or end of the article to get better results

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SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting

SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting

Are you wondering about SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting? Well, both SEO content writers and copywriters are essential assets for businesses. Both are different and hold a unique set of skills that allow your website to rank. In the process of copywriting, you sell your products by promoting them on social media and other related platforms.

These include email promotions, sales letters, landing pages, webinar scripts, etc. But, adding SEO into the copywriting is essential. It drives organic traffic and increases your sales through search engines. Many people look for your products and consider buying them.

Is SEO copywriting better than content writing?

SEO web copywriting is the strategic form of writing, and no one can deny it. Compared to SEO content writing, an SEO copywriter makes your content look more appealing in an informal tone. As an SEO copywriter, it should be your responsibility to determine the audience’s viewpoint and determine their interests.

The best practice is to think like a reader and feel like an audience to understand the concept of audience. After that, you can take appropriate steps while writing the content. If you think you are a good writer, you will not be a good copywriter. Both of these terms are different, and a person should understand them.

Consequently, the process is challenging because it requires time and money. You can hire SEO content writing services to make the procedure easy.  Content beast is the SEO content writing agency that can help you in various ways. You can hire a content beast to increase your business if got no time.

Role of SEO in content and copywriting 

SEO is search engine optimization, increasing the website visibility on various search engines. The use of suitable techniques allows the person to optimize the content and rank it over Google. SEO is a great technique multiple businesses use to attract millions of organic traffic. Commonly, SEO is the best way to bring traffic to your web pages. Over the internet, tons of SEO tools are present. Some are free, while others charge you money. The people in the SEO community interpret SEO content writing and copywriting differently.

If you want to try your luck in these fields, you must gather the primary difference and understanding between these two terms. Most people jump into the SEO world without having basic knowledge and end up gaining failure. So, what can you possibly do? Firstly, you need to look for the significant differences between these terms.

SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting

Here is a difference between SEO content writing and SEO Copywriting:

SEO content writing

SEO content writing is optimizing the website and gathering the general public’s attention. It is essential to make your content visible across the globe. In this way, you can gather more views. Several techniques and strategies allow the person to rank their website on the Google pages. So, what are these techniques?

Everyone wants to rank their web pages, but a few people know about the secret. Firstly, you need to create quality content to improve the google ranking. Various factors of website loading speed, writing short sentences, and perfect grammar play an essential role in SEO content writing. When writing the content, you should keep your target audience in mind and write accordingly.

The quality content with a minimum of 2000 words gets the chance to get ranked on the search engines quickly. Furthermore, visuals are of great importance. It is essential to incorporate relevant pictures and videos into the content writing. As a result, it will rank your content and become visible to a general audience.

SEO copywriting

Compared to content writing, copywriting is entirely different. Content writing boosts organic traffic and drives attention towards your website. The primary purpose of SEO copywriting is to convert traffic into increased sales. The general term is to sell the products through promotional campaigns on social media and various platforms for copywriting.

SEO Copywriting includes webinar scripts, email promotions, and sales letters. Adding SEO into the copywriting is crucial to converting the traffic into organic sales. Several factors of SEO copywriting allow improving the sales strategy.

Furthermore, you can add the relevant keywords without focusing on keyword density. Also, don’t forget to add the latest content information on the website for trust and credibility. As a writer, you should avoid ads and pop-us as it can easily distract the readers and force them to switch. Keeping all these things in mind helps your content to rank.

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